Outdoor Evidence

Over the years there have been drownings in the river by the mill, searches near the dam etc. Some groups have claimed to see someone out there, hearing someone ask for help, one even asked the boy when he drowned what he his Dad did, and said his arm was grabbed. There has also been full body apparitions seen walking the cat walk, and a lady in white walking on the water. While we don’t have pictures, we did hear the stories.


Drowning Story

Calvin G. Tinsman drowned after his canoe capsized near Dundee Saturday [July 14, 1951]. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tinsman. [His mother’s name: Jennie E. Bamm Tinsman.] He had four sisters, Miss Francis Tinsman, Mrs. Virginia Wiseman, Mrs. Carol Rosencranz, and Miss Audrey Tinsman, a brother William, and a grandfather, William Bamm. He was born Sept. 12, 1924 at Dundee and worked as a brick mason. He belonged to the American Legion. He served 2 years in the Navy during WW II. Buried at Maplegrove Cemetery. Source: Monroe Evening News, with handwritten date, July 16, 1951.

Calvin Tinsman


Articles of 2 Brothers Who Drowned

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Pictures Of The Search:

River Bank

Looking For The Body Below The Dam

Police Boats By The Bridge


People on the Riverbank – Old Mill Museum In Background


Kids On Bridge Railing


Boats Searching River Below The Dam

Believed To Be Bringing Body Ashore