Main Floor Evidence

Large Hall and Bar Area


SWPI’s first investigation (before public was allowed in) we were looking around to see where we’d like to put cameras, our tech guys Tim Rehahn and Tim Duncan had an idea where they wanted to place some, but we always asked Jeanne Clock (our medium) and Donna Duncan where they felt like a good spot would be. Donna had a recorder going, as Donna replied she’d like to put cameras here, a voice is heard saying “One Camera”



Back Off
“MOPS” (The Michigan Ohio Paranormal Society) Jeff Rumsey (Now with SWPI), Mike Purcell, Melissa Bilkey-Lemerand at the bar, “Back Off” heard when Jeff says Dude.


Large Hall

Hand Picture
A group was sitting in the cubby, at the time it was setup like a livingroom for pictures. As they sat all the way on the left side of the couch, they seen and heard something to their left. They offered for it to sit down on the couch next to them, this picture caught what appears to be the hand from what they seen, and heard.



Even Lighter