Basement Evidence

Caught in the basement by Mike Kelley of SWPI, this was his first time investigating at the mill, before he became a member of the team. Only himself and his buddy James were present during the recording. He’ll ask “Can you tell us your name”, you’ll hear his flashlight click then a reply says “CoinFace”.



Old Man Yes
While in the basement, Donna Duncan of SWPI asks Nancy Kanitz (Museum Tour Guide) if the piping on the ceiling is new. You’ll hear and older gentleman answer “Yes”. There was no older men down there.



Caught in the basement during a private investigation, Adam Wcislek (of SWPI) and Mike Kelley (of SWPI) were talking and the Ovilus says a proper name while set in dictionary mode. Neither of them heard what it said, but were trying to sound ou what it showed on the screen when a voice is heard correcting them on how to pronounce the name. “Ameline” is what it says.



Wet Footprint
SWPI Members were down with a group, and a wet footprint appeared. There was nobody barefoot, and it couldn’t have been one print there, without water in that location. While there was water, it was across the basement in a small puddle, it would have taken someone stepping in it barefoot, carried to the middle of the basement to put their foot down, while everyone was there. There are many theories about wet footprints appearing.


Hand Reaching
Very first group to investigate the museum, May of 2011, the flashlight and the K2 were going off on command. Mike Salib was taking multiple pictures, and in one there appears to be a hand reaching for them.


Possible Apparition
Video captured by Erie Shores Paranormal, the first public (Private Investigation) group held at the museum. Wayne Rusch and his daughter Brook were down there, they’d already said she was pushed so he was trying to find out who pushed her, when he seen this. You’ll hear him acknowledge seeing it, when he says What the Hell, I’m going to have to rewatch this.