The building has many different areas, and during larger investigations will typically be broken up into 4 sections.  This also works great for private investigations, to keep your groups separate, and better chance of no contamination.  Although there are 4 sections many of these have separate rooms, that can have doors closed as well, breaking those groups into smaller, more intimate groups.  In an attempt to show visitors unfamiliar with the museum layout, we’re sharing our private maps we use when we do larger investigations and have guests join us as hosts. They are not to scale, just a general idea of where things are, and how we’ve broken them up in the past.

The Busz Room is where your home base is.  You’ll store all your equipment there, take breaks, etc.  Our volunteer group SWPI (Spirit World Paranormal Investigations) will be located here for the night as well.  This is also the only exit or entrance you should come through.

The images are included here, however we do have a PDF file with these if you’d like to download it for later.  Just Click Here

1st Floor






First Floor With Basement

First floor layout, with an overlay of where the basement is.  In some areas you can hear walking or noise above you, however some areas are noise free.  This gives you an idea of the areas.

First Floor With Upper Floors Shown

The 1st floor layout, with the upper floors marked to see where the 2nd and 3rd floors are in the building.  This can be useful if someone is on one floor, but someone is on the floor above them.  Keep in mind, there is also noise carried via the stairs too from floors above or below you.


2nd Floor


3rd Floor



Sectioned Areas

These break the building down into sections, which can be closed off.  Although you can close many rooms to investigate, having the ability to investigate a whole section, closed off makes it nicer to not be closed in to one area.


Section 1

Section 1 consists of the Busz Room, Generator/Ford Room, Archives, Gift Shop and Pantry.


Section 2

Section 2 consists of the Timeline Room, 2nd and 3rd Floors.


Section 3

Section 3 consists of the Large Hall area.  This breaks down to the Kitchen, bar area, large hall, bathrooms, the coat room, cubby, storage areas.


Section 4

Section 4 consists of the Basement area.



As you can see, the building can be closed off into many different sections.  This enables you to cut down noise, and limits the contamination.  If you have questions, just let us know!