Haunted Old Mill Museum Evidence

The Haunted Old Mill has had many guests investigate who have had great experiences, and evidence. While we don’t receive all the evidence guests may capture, we will post what we do get. Full credit will be given to the team, or person(s) who collected it. We ask anyone to submit evidence to us.

The Haunted Old Mill Museum has had many people over the years continuously come back, due to experiences or evidence collected. Return visits are very common! Some several times a year. We’ll attempt to display some of our evidence here.



Caught in basement. Very first time Mike from SWPI (before he became a member) investigating at the mill. Only his friend James and himself were present during recording. He asks Can you tell us your name, after a pause it answers Coin Face.

A lady during a public investigation was asking several times for a spirit to come joins us for dinner while standing around the dinner table set up on the second floor. This was the response to the very last time she asked the question. “I can’t eat.”

Caught on second floor with a recorder that was left by organ while everyone was eating. I think this is a good example of a residual evp.

Caught in basement. Donna asks nancy if the white piping in the ceiling is new and a gentleman answers yes for Nancy.

From Mike (SWPI) While investigating with a private group on the 3rd floor, while standing in the middle of the room, something tries to take the recorder out of my hand. The mic is located on the top of the recorder, and you can hear the distortion from something grabbing the part where the mic is.

Caught in basement during private investigation last year. Adam and Mike (from SWPI) were talking and the ovilus says a proper name while set on dictionary mode. Neither of us heard what it said so we were sounding out what it said on the screen and spirit corrects me on how to pronounce name. The name was Ameline.



Other videos and EVP’s

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