Public Old Mill Paranormal Lock-In at The Haunted Old Mill Museum in Dundee Michigan on Friday April 21st, 2017.

How will the lock-in will run?

  1. The guests will register and pay on the website (Payment via Paypal)
  2. Print the e-mail confirmation that is sent to you, as this will be your ticket.
  3. On the date, from 7-8pm, guests will arrive at the mill and be registered and welcomed by Old Mill and SWPI investigation staff. They may also put up any tent or place camping equipment during this time.
  4. At 8pm a tour will be given. This tour will include history, and most likely will also include the paranormal side too. Some groups may choose not to have any paranormal information in this tour.
  5. After the tour, you’re free to roam and investigate. Areas roped or taped off are OFF limits.
  6. Investigation runs from 8pm to 3am
  7. Quiet Time from 3am to 10am
  8. A light meal served around Midnight (Water and Coffee provided free – Pop available for a $1 donation)
  9. At 10am, or earlier if you so choose, the guests will leave.

What can we bring?

Public Lock-Ins: You are limited to a small bag, fanny pack or whatever you can carry. We do not allow anyone to take large bags with them, due to the museum displays, other people etc. We also do not allow the use of DVR’s and other stationary equipment, without the permission of the Old Mill or SWPI staff. You may also bring a tent, sleeping bag, cot, air mattress or something similar to sleep in the designated sleeping area.

Private Lock-Ins: You will be permitted to bring more equipment, such as DVR’s and other stationary equipment. We may however limit the use of large bags in certain areas due to displays, room etc. Sleeping equipment is up to you, similar to the public sleeping arrangements. You may choose an alternative sleeping area.

What equipment is common?

Most people will use whatever they would use in an outdoor investigation. Such items may include:

  • EMF Meter
  • Digital Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Audio Recorder
  • Video Recorder(Handheld)
  • Misc Handheld Devices(Such as a PX, Ovulus, Ghost Box etc)


  • Sleeping Bag
  • Cot
  • Air Mattress
  • Small Tent

Will equipment be provided, if I don’t have any?

No, however in some cases SWPI members may choose to loan someone an item for the investigation . If this is the case, the item can not leave the Old Mill building without permission.

Can we leave and come back?

We encourage visitors to stay, most items you may need are on site. You may be permitted to leave, however we do ask you let us know first. If any ID tags or other form of tagging is given to you at the beginning of each investigation to be turned in when you leave, this must be turned in prior to you exiting the property, even if you plan to return.

All sales are final, no refunds will be given, no rain checks, rescheduled dates or any other reimbursement will be issued, unless The Old Mill Museum has to cancel or reschedule the investigation. In the event the investigation is canceled, you will be notified at the phone number or e-mail address you use to purchase your tickets. Should you not be able to make it, you can, with written permission, allow someone else to come in your place. Haunted Old Mill Staff must approve the exchange.



If you would prefer to have a Private Old Mill Lock-In, we may be able to arrange one. The rules are the same as the private investigation (see here) except they run till 10am Saturday Morning, they’re $50 per person with a minimum of 10 people or less. Anything over 10 would be an additional $50 per person. Contact Us to arrange one.

To purchase tickets you must register, this allows you to check your purchase history, download tickets again later should you lose them etc.


*** In the event of high waters flooding the basement, or the minimum number of guests is not reached in any given week, or other scheduling conflict, rescheduled dates will be offered, or a refund if a rescheduled date can not be agreed to ***