Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (S.W.P.I.) is a group of serious and experienced investigators that are in search of scientific proof of all things unexplainable (paranormal). Using different types of tools and equipment, investigators collect evidence to try to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity.

S.W.P.I. is the volunteer hosts of The Haunted Old Mill Museum public and private ghost hunts, as well as the hosts for the Paranormal Picnic, a free annual event for those of all ages interested in the paranormal.

S.W.P.I. has performed investigations that range from homes, businesses, and cemeteries to historical battlefields and museums all through southeast Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Our investigators have compiled an extensive collection of still pictures, videos, and audio recordings of paranormal activity. For information regarding an investigation click on the request tab on the left!

Our paranormal investigations are always conducted free of charge. Upon request, our investigations will be treated with total confidentiality. Evidence and information collected during our private investigations is not publicly released without the consent of those involved.

For more information about SWPI, The Haunted Old Mill Museum Ghost Hunts, The Paranormal Picnic or to request an investigation please visit the following links:

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