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2018 Old Mill ParaFest Bronze Sponsors

We started this journey in 1988, and there was only myself (Rusty) at that time and over the years we have grown to myself and 3 other investigators with several volunteers. We have investigated all over the state of Michigan, and into Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. We investigate everything from houses to businesses, and we DO NOT CHARGE for this. We are professional in our approach, and use up to date equipment. If you have a place that you would like use to investigate please let us know, there are several ways to contact us.

Michigan Paranormal Association Affiliated Teams

2018 Old Mill ParaFest Kickoff and Team Sponsors

Capital Area Paranormal Society

Holland Ohio Paranormal Society

H.O.P.S. is a family-friend based team. H.O.P.S. was founded in November of 2014. Most of us started out as skeptics but our experiences have turned us into believers of the paranormal. We do not charge for any investigations whether it is a home or business that needs our help. If you need help or know someone who does, please contact us at or 419-344-4166. Thank you!