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Welcome to The Old Mill Events page, from this page you’ll be able to purchase tickets for any events at the Old Mill Museum that are being sold online.

Current Event Tickets

Public Ghost Hunts

Ghost hunts scheduled for the general public to join.

Ticket Type Price Cart
Public Ghost Hunt - Friday March 22nd 2019 $37

Ticket Type Price Cart
Public Ghost Hunt - Friday May 24th, 2019 $37


Pawtographs For Pooches
Fundraiser for the Monroe SPCA
March 9th, 2019

Tickets available on the Pawtographs Website


Old Mill Paranormal Lock-In

Overnight investigations, which you sleep inside the museum after the investigation.

Old Mill ParaFest

The Old Mill Parafest, a paranormal convention during the day, ghost hunt with the speakers at night.  Speakers include TV Paranormal Celebs, radio hosts, authors, local groups, etc.

Ticket Type Price Qty. Cart
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Ghost Hunt Only Ticket $60
2019 ParaFest Early Bird Ticket - Convention Only $45
2019 ParaFest Early Bird Combo Ticket $100
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Team/Kickoff Sponsorship $150
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Bronze Sponsorship $250
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Silver Sponsorship $500
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Gold Sponsorship $750
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Platinum Sponsorship $1,000
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Presenting Sponsorship $2,500

Private Ghost Hunts

Prefer to investigate without stangers?  Book a private investigation!  Minimum payment for 10 people is required.  Verify your Date is Open, make a Non Refundable Deposit or full payment to hold your date!

Other Museum Events

Events hosted by the staff of the Old Mill Museum

Old Mill History

Did you know the Old Mill Museum was built in 1848?  Over the years has served as a grist mill, hydro-electric power plant, Ford factory and fabricating factory.  Henry Ford with his love for mills, saved the Old Mill Museum in the 30s?

Event Calendar

Calendar of Old Mill Events
Public and Private Investigations are held on Friday Nights Only!

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Our Group of Volunteers

Members of Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI)

Ghost Hunts hosted by SWPI – Old Mill ParaFest Multiple Groups and Volunteers

Volunteer at The Old Mill Museum

The Old Mill Museum is always looking for volunteers for many of the events or programs it has throughout the year.  Should you want to volunteer, let us know.

Paranormal events are run through Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) and may not need volunteers for those.

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Donate To The Old Mill Museum

The Old Mill Museum is always looking for donations, the donations and fundraisers are what allow us to stay open, run our childrens events etc. We appreciate any donation you can make.


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