Old Mill ParaFest 6!  November 9th, 2019

The Haunted Old Mill Museum, Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) and Erie Shores Paranormal (ESP) have partnered together and very excited to bring you The 6th Annual Old Mill ParaFest. The Old Mill ParaFest is a paranormal convention fundraiser, and all profits will benefit The Old Mill Museum.

Whos Coming?
The Old Mill ParaFest will feature speakers throughout the day, and an optional Ghost Hunt with our featured speakers at night. Our speakers include:

  • Katrina Weidman
  • Scott Tepperman
  • Christopher Saint Booth
  • Jeff Belanger
  • Tim Shaw
  • Daniel Klaes
  • Adam Wcislek
  • Brian Danhausen
  • Todd Clements

The Rundown:
The Old Mill ParaFest registration begins at 9am and speakers will begin at 10am and run throughout most of the day. After the convention those who have purchased the Ghost Hunt with our featured speakers, will register and begin after the convention is over.

In the coming days we will be receiving an exclusive link for a discounted price for motel rooms. Once we receive this link it will be posted.

The Old Mill ParaFest will have a kitchen serving a variety of food items all day.

The Cost:

  • ParaFest Convention Ticket: $55 for all day access to the vendor area, presentations and pictures with our speakers
  • ParaFest Combo Ticket: $110 everything the ParaFest Convention ticket has, as well as access to the ghost hunt with speakers
  • Ghost Hunt Ticket: $60
  • Vendor Table: $100
  • Sponsorships

Sponsor The Old Mill ParaFest:
So you’d like to Sponsor The Old Mill ParaFest? Well thank you! To sponsor our great event, and support The Old Mill Museum, just click here.

Purchase Tickets:

Ticket Type Price Qty. Cart
2019 ParaFest Ticket - Convention Only $50
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Ghost Hunt Only Ticket $60
2019 ParaFest Combo Ticket $110
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Team/Kickoff Sponsorship $150
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Bronze Sponsorship $250
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Silver Sponsorship $500
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Gold Sponsorship $750
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Platinum Sponsorship $1,000
2019 Old Mill ParaFest Presenting Sponsorship $2,500


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